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  1. Oasis-people, my wife and I lived in Nagoya, Japan when Oasis did their first tour there (1994). This was the show when they did their first ever encore – Rock’n’Roll Star, which was also the opening number. It was a phenomenal gig and I think my wife and I were the only non-Japanese in the crowd. Anyway, a very early Oasis book came out which has a photo from that gig taken from the stage looking out over the crowd, and you can see me and the missus. The photo also appeared in another book that was something to do with the most important gigs of all time. I don’t have either book. I lost my wife to cancer a few months ago and would like to find either of these books, or some other place where that photo might be. Your help would be very much appreciated.

  2. Hay guys, I have a signed CD of both Noel and Liam, they came in my parents pub after a Watford v man c game, it was the one Sunday I hadn’t worked for 6 weeks and I wasn’t there. Happily my mum grabbed a CD a asked for a squiggle. The lads obliged, and for years I have enjoyed telling the story and admiring the Compact Disc.
    Sadly I need to raise funds to help secure a future for my young family. Does anyone know where I might get the best deal for it??
    Take it easy all.

  3. There was a remix that I loved called loney masterplan, lonely souls from Richard Ashcroft and Master plan from Oasis, I can’t find it on the internet anyone, can anyone send me a link or a mp3 of it please ??


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